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The Journey

If you couldn't tell already, this project is the one you're currently browsing through! This site has been in the works for a long time. It took three separate iterations of personal sites, the first two being customized forks of pre-baked HydeJack and vanilla Reacttemplates, until I decided I should burn everything down and build it from scratch. While the Hydejack version has been completely discarded, you can still see the React forked site I originally hacked on- click the image below to check it out:

Yeah, I know- it doesn't look bad right? You might even like it's styling more than this new site. There were a few issues with it that were dealbreakers for me, though:

  1. I didn't build it myself. When I had my original site stood up, I told my coworker I wanted to tear it down and start from 0. He responded, "Why? 95% of the programming anyone does these days involves taking other peoples' code and reworking it to fit your use case." That's definitely true, but I felt like I was limiting how much I could learn about React, web development, hosting, and CSS by taking some of those pre-built projects. I also wanted to do something that was uniquely my own; I had been doing more design work at work and thought it'd be really valuable for me to try to design something from the ground up.
  2. I wanted to have a place to post writings. I really love writing and had stopped writing all together while I spent about a year constantly engaged learning how to be a good software engineer. Now that I'm confident in my programming ability, I wanted to get back into writing more, and felt that having a blog would force me in the right direction. The old site was designed as a single-page site and plugging some sort of CMS into it proved to be a difficult challenge that would make me completely rip the guts out of that codebase and rebuild a lot of it in a janky way.
  3. Gatsby is cool. I'm big on geeking out to whatever's new in web development. I had read a ton about Gatsby and was looking for an opportunity to get my hands on it.

Because of those reasons, I ended up deciding to self-educate and build this project in Gatsby.js, a blazing-fast static site generator that combines the modularity of React with the speed and extensibiltiy of GraphQL.

Gatsby is very cool and setting up how all of this content is managed was pretty seamless, especially since I've done a fair bit of work in React/Apollo/GraphQl/Node. However, styling this site took forever. I had very little experience building up css from scratch, and it quickly became an obsessive battle to learn up on web design, typography, css best practice, and color palettes.

It's a constant work-in-progress and has taken many, many hours of my life, but I'm proud of the way it's come together and look forward to continue tweaking it in the future. I also have plans to "templatize" this thing and open-source it- stay tuned for that!