Hello, I'm Pete.


I work on product at Astronomer. We are a globally-distributed team working hard to make Apache Airflow the future of workflow orchestration.

As I've watched the Astronomer team grow from 6 to 60 and beyond, I've worn quite a few different hats across our sales, product, and engineering teams. These days, I spend my time building products that help enable experience around complementary tools and frameworks in the modern data stack. While I admittedly don't get quite as much programming time in my day-to-day as I once did, I've spent a lot of time writing code in javascript and python-based frameworks and enjoy rolling up my sleeves when the time and opportunity present themselves.

Having spent my entire career surrounded by brilliant software developers has made me realize one thing: I'm deeply inspired by hands-on creators with unwavering belief in their ideas. I'm passionate about building high-leverage tools that help enable those folks to build more efficiently and effectively and I plan on pursuing that mission for many years to come.

In a past life, I played football and was a competitive ski racer. My academic years were spent toiling with physics and chemistry, but most of that intellectual real-estate has since been replaced by distributed systems, microservice architectures, and Stack Overflow posts.

Outside of work, I'm into vintage guitars, the state of Vermont (although I don't live there), music theory, exploring new places on skis, and the New York Mets.